Home Security Systems: Protect & Secure Your Homes

Home security has been gaining popularity over the last few years this is mainly due to the increasing burglaries and at the same time a drastic reduction in the cost of the technology. A number of homeowners have been opting for these devices as the prices have lowered drastically and these devices have a number of advanced features and options that they are available in.

There are a number of benefits for installing the system. Costs of these installations and devices are one-time cost that provide you around the clock security and surveillance. Also majority of these devices are now accessible via smartphone devices making it convenient for homeowners to access live footage.

Home security is available in two major categories, one be CCTV home security surveillance cameras and the other being intrusion detection systems. CCTV cameras are available as indoor as well as outdoor options.

Outdoor models that are available to perform in the extreme weather conditions. Interior cameras are light weight giving it the ability to be placed anywhere in your home. Intrusion detection systems are bunch of motion detection sensors that are connected to an alarm that is triggered in case of a breach. This video is a definitive guide to help you in knowing all the vital aspects before you go out and make a purchase.

CCTV cameras from leading brands such as Hikvision, Dlink, Zicom etc are available in Goa at different price ranges depending on the features and hardware specifications. On average’s a set of 6 to 8 cameras that include a combination of outdoor as well as indoor devices would cost about Rs. 60000 to Rs 80000.  Local businesses such as DSI will visit your home and provide you with a free consultation on the types of devices needed for your home which include a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras.

The popularity of modular kitchens

Modular kitchen installations have been increasing in popular due as these instllations designed keeping in mind an efficient kitchen design along with plenty of storage options. In addition to this, these kitchens are highly affordable and are available in numerous styling options.

Before you plan to install a modular kitchen installation in your home, first determine the type of layout that is best suited for your kitchen space. Visit MKG’s website if you need a professional to come visit and measure the area for the best layout. Popular layouts in most urban spaces include L shaped layouts, U shaped layouts, straight kitchens and peninsula styled kitchen. In addition to the layout also provision for adequate amount of counter space, preferably for at least two work counters, one for prep and the other around the kitchen sink area. For storage consider the type of drawer sizes needed, if planned right you will be easily be able to fit large as well as small sizes vessels and crockery. Check out some of these popular trending kitchens installed with modular installations.


Going about designing the interiors of your home

Home decor is always evolving, what works today may seem to be dull tomorrow. More than often we look to refresh the look of a room if not upgrade it. Professional interior designers make use of plenty of design principles that they use across the board for any home styling project they carry out. You can make use of these design fundamentals once you are aware of how they work.

Before you go about redecorating the rooms layout you must be aware of the architectural limitations in the room and how they have an effect on the decor plan. Use a lot of natural light as possible as it makes the room look to appear spacious and fresh. Artificial lighting also helps in setting up a mood and creating an environment. Using colors schemes also has an impact on how type of atmosphere you can create. Using the principles of repetition and focal points you can create several design illusions. To create a sense of balance in the room you can make use of patterns and textures to bring the room together. Check out this video we put together that display the use of these design fundamentals in the interior spaces displayed.